Whether you plan to stay in your current home for a while or putting it up for sale soon, this article can help you determine how to keep your lawn looking decent. Both homeowners and even tenants are becoming more aware of the importance of a well-kept lawn. In addition, by providing your family with a cherished place to play and relax, it also nourishes the environment and raises your property value. Your lawn needs basic rejuvenating lawn renovation services such as the ones listed below:

Power Raking/Dethatching

Done by a weighted mechanical rake that combs through the lawn, pulling out the dead roots. It is preferably done in cool weather, performed to the lawn to remove excess dead roots caused by stress triggers. Some triggers can be excessive watering, wrongfully applied fertilizer and extreme foot traffic. All debris resulted from dethatching are hauled away for a neat finish.


Recommended in the spring or fall season, aeration is done with a weighted perforator to open pores in the soil so that any nutrients you add to your lawn can actually penetrate deeply. You should be able to notice the plugs on the lawn for a few weeks; they will naturally disintegrate and serve as a natural fertilizer.


Depending on the size of the lawn a certain amount of pounds of seeds are distributed by an overseeding machine that spreads the seeds evenly to cover the lawn with new grass once the seed sprouts in 4-6 weeks. This service helps the lawn achieve a fuller and denser look.
Fertilizer: Whether it be granular or liquid a fertilizer applications can be applied during the spring, summer and fall season to ensure that you give your lawn some defense so the roots can withstand any extreme weather in all climates. Many times it is preferable to sign up for a professionally timed fertilizer program offered by a lawn care company.

Weed control

Can be done in conjunction with a fertilizer as needed to prevent or kill existing weeds. Since weed control can be a bit invasive, a spot weed control application is recommended only in the affected areas. Remember the stronger your lawn is, the fewer weeds appear.

When performing or having lawn renovation completed, cool weather is favorable so that the spring or fall morning mist softens the soil and nutrients can reach the roots. All these steps can be done in one visit if done correctly. Improvements can be seen within a few weeks, by mowing your lawn continuously for presentation and avoid running the risk of exposing your lawn to plagues or diseases.