Sod Installation Services

Installing sod in your yard can provide an instantly beautiful lawn that enhances your home and landscaping. Watching your new seed grow sounds good in theory, but the reality is that if your lawn needs renewing, you will be looking at a big patch of dirt for weeks. Why wait, when you can have a lush green carpet almost instantly with the installation of sod.

Benefits of Sod

  • Instant results after installation.
  • Sod can be installed anytime between spring through fall.
  • It releases oxygen, cools the air, and decreases dirt tracking inside the house.
  • Sod uses less water versus trying to grow the sod using seed.

We normally install sod by the pallets, each pallet contains around 450 – 500 sq ft. A truckload of grass will range from 16 to 20 pallets. In our initial visit, we will measure and include materials needed for the project. If sod removal, soil grading, and preparation are needed it will be outlined in the estimate also.

We offer old sod removal, soil preparation and leveling to sod installation. Give us a call to schedule or to provide you with a personalized estimate.