Shrub Trimming

Shrub Trimming / Tree Trimming / Plant Care

Great Greens also offers landscape maintenance like shrub and tree trimming, flower bed maintenance, flower bed design, rose treatments, and shrub fertilizer. We utilize proper industry standards techniques to keep shrubs and hedges healthy all season long. Great Greens’ trimming season starts right after plants and shrubs have entirely bloomed and formed.

Shrub and tree trimming is one of those tasks that a lot of homeowners try to avoid due to the possibility of damaging their shrubs and plants, or lack of time during the summer. Neglecting your shrubs until they are overgrown can led to insects, unfavorable growing conditions, plant disease, and lacking flowers and leaves. The Great Greens lawn care team understand plant, shrubs, and trees developing conditions in the Naperville – Aurora area. Maintaining and trimming your shrubs and bushes has never been easier with our seasonal full lawn care packages in the Aurora area.

What Does Trimming My Bushes and Shrubs Accomplish?

By trimming your bushes, shrubs, and trees, you prevent excessive growth that lower chances of flowering and making the plant decay due to the lack of nutrients for extreme growth. If a plant/shrub becomes too big, it will not be able to support itself, so it begins to decay showing signs like dead leaves, lack of color, and lack of flowers lowering the appeal of your outdoor landscape.


We have been working in the Naperville – Plainfield area for over 20 years, helping our customers to maintain and improve their outdoor landscape and turf areas. We are a licensed and insured reliable lawn care company that provides professional services at reasonable rates. Great Greens Lawn Service has always been known for the highest quality of services coupled with exceptional customer service.

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