Lawn Mowing Service in Oswego, Illinois

We are one of the few Mowing service companies in Oswego, IL that provides professional, on time, reliable, and affordable lawn cutting service for residential and commercial customers. Our mowing service includes thoroughly trimming around all areas not accessible to mowing equipment and blowing off all driveways, sidewalks, and road edges. We recommend cutting the lawn every week for customers in Oswego to avoid turf deterioration. An unmaintained lawn can lead to weeds, bare spots, thatch accumulation, and disease.

Mowing Height For Grass In Oswego

Cutting the lawn at the proper height and regularly can help maintain it dense, healthy and beautiful. Cutting the lawn too short can leave bare spots and be vulnerable to weed invasion. The recommended mowing height for oswego is 2.5 – 3.5 inches depending on your turf type.

Most Common Lawn Types in Oswego

The most popular turf species to grow in Oswego are Kentucky Bluegrass, Rye, and Fescue. We recommend using a mixture of the three turf species in the following ratios: 50/50. This type of blend provides 50% Kentucky Bluegrass, and 50% of other species like tall fescue, rye, and other varieties.

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Mowing Techniques and Tips

Living in Oswego provides contrasting weather conditions that are not the best suitable for all types of turf. By providing the right maintenance, schedule, and mowing techniques can help improve your lawn and help it withstand this harsh weather environment in the Midwest.

As a local lawn care company in Oswego, IL, Our strategy is delivering game-changing turf solutions to our customers. With several mowing crews, Great Greens can perform mowing services in an effective way even when weather conditions are not the best. Our mowing techniques include not mowing during heavy rain or when the soil is excessively moist. Our mowing crews will resume turf mowing when soil conditions improve.

Fertilizing your lawn in Oswego

Our fertilizing division will make sure your grass stays green and healthy all season long with the application of high-quality slow release applications. Below we are outlining some tips and common practices we recommend to our clients in Oswego, Illinois.

Start your lawn care season in Oswego with a pre-emergent weed and feed application to fight dandelions, crabgrass, clover, ground ivy, and all the most common weeds in the Chicago area. If your lawn has bare spots or needs renovation, we recommend core aeration together with overseeding to improve turf density, color, and overall health. Fertilizing your lawn at least 4 times during the entire season will feed it with the right nutrients to stay green, thick, and healthy.

Mowing your Lawn In Oswego

Prepare your mower (sharpen the blades, change the oil, etc) so that is ready for the first mow, usually mid-April, or when the grass is 3-4 inches tall. Do not let your grass grow more than 4″ as it will start to fight for nutrients and will give weeds advantage. Continue mowing your grass on a regular basis, we recommend cutting your lawn in Oswego at least every week especially during Spring and Fall.

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