Mulching Service

There are many reasons to choose Great Greens for your residential or commercial lawn and landscaping needs, including spreading and installing mulch. Our company is reliable, professional, and trusted by many homeowners in tha Aurora- Naperville area. Our employees have many years of experience, are knowledgeable, screened, and highly trained. Choosing Great Greens Lawn Maintenance for your mulch service installation will give you peace of mind while improving your outdoor landscape with our quality mulch.

  • Mulch enhances the visual curb appeal of your landscape.
  • Improve the fertility and health of the soil.
  • Mulch reduces weed growth.
  • Holds in soil moisture, protecting your plants from drying out quickly.

Mulch Installation Service

We spread mulch evenly at the standard rate of 3 inches deep. Flower bed preparation is recommended along with edging.

The following services can be done the same day of your mulch installation:

Landscape fabric (weed barrier) installation.
We use a commercial grade landscape fabric that protects your flower beds from weeds for years, service includes labor and materials (fabric and stakes).

Edging of the flower beds.
We offer vinyl and natural edging. Read more about edging.

Granular flower bed weed control Snapshot®
It controls or suppresses more than 125 broadleaf weeds and annual grasses to protect your flower beds for up to 6 months.

Please contact us for pricing on this services.