Lawn Overseeding

What is Overseeding

Overseeding is the practice of planting (spreading) more grass in an already existing lawn. The existing grass acts like a mulch and holds the new seed in their place. Overseeding promotes grass health through increasing its resistance to various diseases. Overseeding lawns makes them denser and greener. Helps discourage the growth of weeds. Performing overseeding during spring and/or fall will help turf recover from harsg weather conditions during winter and summer.

Overseeding Details

We will spread professional top quality seed with a professional commercial grade spreader reaching all sections of your lawn. Overseeding-rates depend on your turf quality and density. Appliying too much will have Grass seed fighting for nutrients, space, and water. In the other hand, spreading a low rate of grass seeed will not improve your overall turf density. Germination cannot successfully occur if the seed does not have soil contact

Tips for better results

For better results, please mow your lawn to 2 inches or lower and collect the grass clippings. We recommend that aeration or dethatching be performed as well so that the seed can have direct contact with soil. If it is sitting on thatch, grass clippings, or on any other debris, it is nothing but bird food. Apply fertilizer after overseeding it will finish off the treatment and you will maximize the results.

Suggested Lawn Seed Mixes for Illinois

For full sun areas

  • Kentucky bluegrass blend
  • Kentucky bluegrass blend/perennial ryegrass
  • Tall fescue blend (high traffic areas or hot, dry sites)
  • Fine fescue blend (low maintenance lawn – infrequent mowing)
  • Kentucky bluegrass/perennial ryegrass/fine fescue

For sun / shade areas

  • Kentucky bluegrass/fine fescue blend
  • Tall fescue blend


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