Weekly Lawn Cutting Services Plainfield

We offer professional, regular weekly lawn cutting services in the Plainfield area that include mowing the lawn, trimming, and blowing.Great Greens Lawn Care has been operating in the Plainfield, IL area for over five years providing residents with the most exceptional lawn care services in the Chicago area. We are a local, family-owned company that cares for the community and our environment. We only use EPA approved mowing equipment.

Freshly mowed lawn in residential area subdivision
  • Reliable, professional mowing service
  • Professionally trained crews
  • Plainfield licensed and insured
  • Great customer service
  • Residential and commercial services
  • Competitive pricing
  • Free, accurate estimates

Best Lawn Mowing Service Practices

At Great Greens Lawn Care, we specialize in residential and commercial lawn mowing services for all types of sizes and shapes. We only use commercial mowing equipment that allows us to perform our lawn cutting services promptly. Your lawn will look well groomed and will exceed the City of Plainfield requirements and ordinances. You can expect a straight mowing pattern that is switched every week, string trimming around trees, fences, siding, and flower beds, and blowing grass clippings out of flower beds, sidewalks, walkways, and driveways.

Lawn mowing pattern

Affordable Lawn Care Services In Plainfield

We can provide competitive prices by properly using the right equipment and by professionally training employees in safety and best industry standards. We believe that quality of work and customer satisfaction does not need to be expensive. We are not the cheapest lawn care company, but we try to keep our prices competitive while providing the best possible lawn care services.

Freshly mowed yard
Residential grass cutting service

Regular Lawn Maintenance

We only offer regular mowing service on a weekly basis as recommended in the Plainfield area. By providing regular mowing, you reduce weeds and many other diseases that contribute to lawn deterioration. A regular grass mowing schedule will help your lawn to thrive and will improve grass color, thickness, and overall health. We recommend cutting the lawn in the Plainfield area on a weekly basis so that only 1/3 of the grass blades length gets cut.

See what customers say about our lawn care services in Plainfield


Great mowing the lawn.

They did a good job mowing our lawn this season, and they leave a clean lawn after they are done.

—John L. Plainfied, IL 60586

Reliable cutting service.

I like that I don’t have to be reminded them to come and cut my grass like my previous lawn care provider. I live near route 59, and they were able to accommodate my lawn in their busy schedule. Highly recommended. Professional and reliable.

—Sandy R. Plainfield, Illinois 60544

Grass cutting is perfect.

I normally do not leave reviews, but Great Greens Lawn Care in Plainfield provided very reasonably priced lawn mowing service for our property in the Plainfield- Naperville borderline. I requested the clippings to be bagged and they did it for an extra fee which is understandable. I recommended this lawn service to my neighbors to see if we could save some money.

—Mike R. Plainfield 60490

Reliable and awesome mowing

I have been hiring great greens for two years now, and they always provide excellent services on time. I like they always strip my lawn and cut it at the perfect height, they do not usually collect the grass clippings, but they will do it for an extra fee which is ok with me. Overall I am happy with their services

—Nick T.