Lawn Care Services Near Me

Professional lawn care and lawn maintenance services to promote a greener, weed-free lawn thanks to Great Greens Lawn Care in Naperville – Aurora – Plainfield – Oswego and towns in the west suburbs of Chicago. From lawn treatments to weekly lawn mowing, we’ve got you covered with our on-time, professional, reliable services near you in the west suburbs of Chicago.

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Great Greens is a family, locally owned and operated lawn care company servicing customers with professionalism and providing the highest customer satisfaction. Being a full-service, local lawn maintenance service company allow us to provide the healthiest, greenest and best-looking lawns and outdoor spaces to increase property value and to provide a beautiful space you can enjoy all season long.

Were you looking for lawn care companies near me?

If you were searching for lawn care or lawn treatments near me, you probably came across some service providers in the area that offer super cheap lawn care services. We are not the cheapest lawn care service, but rather an affordable lawn care company that provides great service at great competitive prices.

Lawn Treatment Services

Our season-long lawn treatment services will keep your lawn weed-free, dense, and healthy. We believe in a natural fertilizer approach instead of all over the place applications that may be harmful to the environment and promote turf disease. We treat fertilizer applications like vitamin supplements for grass by providing the right amounts of nutrients at precisely the right time to develop a healthy turf that can better withstand extreme weather changes and fluctuations especially here in the Naperville, Plainfield, Aurora, Oswego, West Chicago, Batavia, and surrounding towns.

Our customers in Plainfield – Naperville can choose from a variety of affordable fertilizer plans to accommodate their turf needs since not all lawns are the same. Choose from fertilizer applications, weed control, white grub control, fungal disease, winterizer, and pre-emergent applications. We are a local full-service lawn care company using only high-quality fertilizers that are manufactured, processed and naturally developed to deliver the best results and comply with laws in the Naperville – Aurora – Plainfield area. Give us a call today if you are looking for lawn treatments near me or lawn fertilizer companies in the PlainfieldNaperville area.

Lawn Core Aeration Companies

Lawn core aeration refers to the process of perforating the soil to allow water, nutrients, and air to reach the lawn root system efficiently to promote healthier turf. Core aeration should be done during spring or fall in conjunction with fertilizer and overseeding to fix bare spots and introduce new grass species that are tolerant to extreme weather conditions in Naperville and Plainfield. We recommend aerating your lawn every year to reduce the chance of fungal diseases and improve soil fertility. Turf health will be greatly increased when you aerate your grass every season.

Grass Cutting Service – A Lawn Mowing Company

Great Greens lawn mowing service is offered to our clients during the growing season using only professional equipment to provide all the horsepower needed to get the job done in a timely manner, exceeding industry turf standards and incorporating our own methods we have been using for more than 20 years. Our office is conveniently located in Will County and proudly service surrounding suburbs. We have vast experience with over 20 combined years of knowledge in the lawn care field. We offer a one-stop shop from the basic mowing to the most detailed landscape project. With advanced technology in many areas, our crew is committed to learning the newest methods in the field; they are continually gaining experience and knowledge.
In order to perform consistent and trustworthy services, we strive in fulfilling lawn care service with only the best maintain equipment so that not only we can fulfill our work order in a timely matter, but it keeps our crew members working efficiently and safely.

Mulch Installation Service

Mulch has many uses; it is not there to beautify a lawn. It services man purposes such as control of weeds, retains moisture in the flower beds, increases property value and appeal. Great Greens allows you to not an only choice your mulch color of choice but you can pick the depth you want the mulch to be installed. It depends on your taste and it also depends on how much you want the mulch to last. Some people like to change the mulch color often, while others stay true to the classic chocolate or red mulch. Mulch tends to give the property a refreshed look, without having to break the bank.