Compost Benefits

Many factors play an important role when renovating your lawn.  One of the most important factors could be the usage of compost.  The best time to repair a lawn is spring and fall. A well-kept secret is to spread compost to the lawn after core aeration and overseeding. It is preferred to apply it after you overseed so that the seed stays moist and it does not become bird food.  About an inch of compost would be appropriate to get best results. Here are some benefits of compost:

  • Top dressing combined with core aeration can place organic material deeper into the soil. It can actually change the soil structure.
  • Top dressing (spreading compost) can help reduce lawn diseases and even reduces thatch.
  • Compost can work hand in hand with your fertilizer to enhance your lawn.
  • Compost contains lots of organic nutrients, which reduces the need for chemical applications.

The cool spring season is full of potential since we have spring rain and sunny days. Seed germinates about 3- 6 weeks after being laid on the lawn. Keep in mind that the use of weed control should be avoided for 4 weeks prior and after overseeding. It is also just fine to fertilize after top dressing. Nutrients from compost are released slowly from the microbial activity so that the fertilizer could give your grass some immediately available nutrients.


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