Lawn Care Company in Aurora, IL 

As one of the best local lawn care companies in Aurora, Illinois we are committed to providing reliable, professional lawn care and maintenance services. We have been working in the Aurora – Naperville area for over 20 years designing, creating and maintaining outdoor green spaces that bring natural beauty to your property.

Our services include weekly lawn mowing service, as well as fertilizer treatments that are environmentally friendly. We are a full stop lawn care company you can trust. Our team is consistently educated on the latest lawn and landscaping techniques, trends, and safety industry standards to provide professional, reliable and safe work environments. Work with one of the top-rated companies in Aurora, IL.

Residential lawn mowing service
Aurora lawn service
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We have experience with both residential and commercial lawn and landscaping services in Aurora.  By choosing us as your lawn care provider you are guaranteed to have the highest quality service at budget-friendly rates.

Aurora Lawn Service 

Affordable Lawn Mowing Services

As a premier lawn care service in Aurora, our goal is to transform your outdoor living spaces into a place you and your family can enjoy. Our residential lawn cutting services will keep your lawn looking its best. Lawn mowing includes cutting the lawn, trimming around edges, and blowing grass clippings from walkways and sidewalks back to the lawn for a clean finish.

Lawn Mowing Schedule for Aurora

The lawn mowing season in Aurora normally starts at the beginning of the growing season. Our lawn mowing crews normally start cutting grass for the first time when the weather begins to get warmer, around April.

Full lawn maintenance service

Depending on your lawn maintenance package, your first cut may include one or more of the following: Spring clean up, Aeration, Dethatching, Overseeding, Fertilizer, Weed control, flower bed edging, shrub and plant pruning, trimming, top dressing, and seeding.

A spring clean up includes clearing away leaves, dead tree, and shrub branches. Lawn aeration is usually the first service if it’s included in your lawn care residential package along with overseeding, fertilizer, and weed control. Because of the temperatures in the Aurora – Naperville, IL area, services may be delayed or postponed until weather permits it.

Top-rated lawn service in Aurora IL

We are a top-rated lawn service company in Aurora, IL that keeps green, thick, and healthy lawns in the west suburbs of Chicago. If you are looking for the best lawn care companies near you, then you are in the right place. Our commitment to providing the best lawn service comes from years of experience working closely with clients who have been working with unreliable, and unprofessional companies that come and go every year. We are a different lawn service, our employees are trained regularly in all aspects of best lawn care practices and safety procedures.

Shrub Trimming Services

Proper care of your shrubs and plants plays an important role in the development of overall garden and landscape areas. Great Greens lawn maintenance provides pruning and trimming services for trees and shrubs of all sizes.

mulch installation services
shrub trimming service

Core aeration Service

Keep your lawn green and dense all season long with overseeing and aeration. We provide this service for our Aurora, IL customers during spring and fall. We strickly provide core aeration and fertilizer services when temperatures are cool during the night and warm during the day. If your lawn is thin, unhealthy, and lacks color, then you may need to overseed and core aerate it.

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Aurora property getting serviced for lawn aeration
core aeration service in aurora il


Lawn aeration is recommended at least once a year for our customers in Aurora. Core aeration reduces soil compaction by loosening up the soil, allowing air, water, and fertilizer to reach the grass root system better and provide optimal conditions for grass growth. We provide lawn core aeration during the spring and fall. Our professional lawn care equipment will core aerate your lawn to ensure optimal conditions when overseeding. Core aeration should be implemented in your yearly lawn maintenance program.

Aurora Fertilizer Treatments

Keeping up with your lawn and its fertilizer schedule can be a little time consuming and stressful at times. Great Greens Lawn Maintenance specializes in lawn treatments to keep your lawn looking healthy all season long. We have developed a customized plan for our customers in Aurora that provides the right elements, at the right time for the always-changing weather conditions here in the Midwest.

Depending on your lawn and plan, our customized lawn fertilizer programs include season-long fertilizer, weed control, pre-emergent, grub control, fungal disease control, core aeration, overseeding, lime applications, soil test, and lawn renovation services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get the lawn you deserve.

Lawn Dethatching and Power Raking

Lawn dethatching is one of the most complicated lawn care tasks involved in repairing damaged turf. If not done correctly, it can cause more harm than good. Rely on an Aurora top rated company that has extensive knowledge in turf renovation like Great Greens. Our turf professionals will power rake or dethatch your lawn removing only the dead layer lying under your green, healthy grass.

Best time to dethatch in Aurora Illinois?

The best time to dethatch a lawn in Illinois is Spring and Fall. Fall is the preferred time of the year because of the cooler temperatures.

Are debris resulted from dethatching collected?

Yes, debris collection and proper disposal are included.